Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Final June 15 - June 21

I had 17 sales this week. Unless noted, all items had free shipping.

FP Lift and Load Railroad $49.99 plus shipping

Snow White Pencil box $49.99

Rubiks Twin Sheet set $34.99

Sesame Street Big Blocks This is the third set of these I have sold. I always pick them up and they seem to sell fast. $29.99

Hamiliton Desk Lamp $29.99

Butterfly thimble lot of 6 $17.99 plus shipping to Australia

Classic Winnie the Pooh blanket $29.99

Simpsons Clue Game 2nd edition $21.99

Worthington Skirt size 14 This is being returned despite measurements in the listing, the skirt was too big for the buyer. $21.99

Lion King See and Say $19.99

VTG Milk Glass lamp shade $17.99

2 Decks vtg playing cards $11.99

Noah's Ark Lamp $27.99

Shirt Tales Pammy $23.99

Starbucks Mug $19.99

Chewbacca Plush $14.99

Owl Mug $17.99

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