Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekly Finds

It's been awhile since I posted things I found at the thrift store so I thought I would do a post today. Last Tuesday, I went over to the new building my favorite t.s. moved too. It was very different from their old shop. It was clean, organized and had nice stuff. Unfortunately, everything was over priced. They are trying to get away from the thrift store aspect and be more like a preowned boutique. Their prices are higher than the consignment stores and if they do not change thier business model, I feel they won't have a business for long. If you want Ebay prices, you need to sell on Ebay.

Here are some of my finds for that day. (Nothing from the new store)

I thought these creamers were Pyrex because of the design. They are Gemco.

Found another owl. The tree trunk is open and you can put your change or keys in it. It could also be used as a candle holder.

I paid $1.60 for these two tealight holders. They attach together and are made of stone. When my sister saw them in my cart, she asked if there were more. They originally came in a set of 4 but I could only find 2. If they don't sell, I will probably let her have them.

I also found 2 vintage tea towels.

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  1. The GEMCO, is a company that contracted with "Corningware", that might help in your listing. And that's the "Spring Blossom Green" design. BTW I always love seeing what you find.