Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Awesomeness

My sister and I went to some thrift stores on Friday. We thought we would check out the new Randalin Homes store and see if their prices were any lower. Nope. In fact they were higher than Goodwill. Not sure what they are thinking but I'm pretty positive they won't stay in business very long. People go to thrifts looking for bargains. Perhaps they should change their store to an antique shop.

At Bethesda, I found some books for Ryker, a Santa cup and a Dex heartbeat bear which I have already sold on Ebay. The buyer hasn't paid yet and has a feedback score of 1 so I'm wondering if she will pay.

I found the Christmas stuff at the old Randalin store. Most of their stuff is not marked and if you flash a smile at the cashier, he will give you a good deal, unlike their higher end second store. I offered him $8 for all my stuff and he said "I was thinking $3". Ummm you're suppose to go up not down. So I paid less than what I thought I would.

At the last shop they had the entire store 50% off except for items in the display case. I got the two gold ball ornaments, a play phone and a small wooden truck for Ryker. I paid $1.06

Here is a picture of one of my decorated shelves. I have to keep everything out of Ryker's reach.

I think my santa? looks cute on my Christmas tree stand. I wish he worked but one of the springs for the battery is missing.

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  1. For the Santa with the battery spring missing, you could try replacing the spring with another spring, or about any piece of metal. I've even used paper clips before.

  2. hello, just popping say you've been featured at cap creations today! thanks for linking up. Love your Christmas finds!