Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Look What 5 Bucks Got!

Actually I only paid $2.10 because I had store credit. I found this at Goodwill and thought for sure it would be priced around $15 or so and I was happy to see the 5 dollar price tag. It is 24 inches long by 16 wide by 15 inches tall.

felt board side

abc abacus

close up of abc abacus

shape maze

dry erase side

The top comes off and can be used as a toy box. I put all his Little People in there. I'm so glad my sister took me today. As I was paying for it, another customer commented on how neat it was. Another said I got it for a great price.

1 comment:

  1. That is a fantastic find and I envy that you got it for such a great price. I was lucky to find something similar, if you would like to see it ( Mine was a bit more.

    Do you have any idea what these things actually retail for? I have seen these priced all over the board. I am curious as to what a good deal I may have gotten.

    I love that yours has a wipe-off board and the alphabet, much more useful than the one I found.