Monday, December 12, 2011

More Pyrex Love And Counting Down To Christmas

Apparently I am collecting Spring Blossom. I found a whole set of the Cinderella bowls at Goodwill today.  The small bowl was $1.49 next was $1.99 then $2.99 and the last was $3.99 With tax a little over $11 for the set. Not a bad price at all but Spring Blossom is not my favorite pattern. (so wish I could find Snowflake or Pink Daisy) I may end up selling these separately on Ebay.

I almost gave myself a heart attack when setting up the above picture. I turned away to get my camera and (gasp) the bowls fell off of each other and the two smaller ones came crashing to the ground. I thought for sure they had broke, but not a single chip. How unbelievably lucky is that?

I have been looking all season for some sort of countdown calendar and came across this little house. I instantly fell in love. Then I saw the price tag. OMG $14.99 and its missing a door handle and two sticks off the roof. I debated for a few minutes, thought about putting the Pyrex back and then my sister said "can you afford both? You know you are going to regret it if you don't get it" (not exact words but close enough). I had some good sales this weekend, including selling one Pyrex bowl for $17.99, so I decided I could afford it. Similar ones retail for $29.99 so I guess I got a bargain. Brian was a Christmas ornament but I dropped him and his hangar broke. (I have had him for several years)

I also found these cute little stockings to hang on my fake mantle.

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  1. That's a great bargain price for the Spring Blossom bowls - nice!!!

  2. Oh those bowls! Just amazing!!
    Sophie x