Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Owl Buy That

I found this owl light on my way out of the thrift store. It caught my eye as I was leaving. I put my other things in the car and went back in to see what it was. I thought maybe it was some sort of trash can or container. On closer inspection, I realized it was one of those ceramic lights like the vintage Christmas tree. I asked the cashier "What is this?" He didn't know. Then I said "More importantly, how much is it?" He said "$2 dollars?" I picked it up (it was quite heavy) and put it on the counter.  Another worker asked me what it was. I said I thought it was a light but it was missing the bulbs and light source.

I found some replacement bulbs on Ebay for $6 and hot glued them in the openings. (FYI Hot glue is extremely hot. My poor pointer finger)

It is one solid piece. The top does not come off. The bottom is open for the light source. It is the same design on both sides. It is about 18 inches tall. I want to find a small light to go inside. I haven't seen anything like it on Ebay so I priced it ridiculously high with a Best Offer. I would certainly do a happy dance if it sold for my asking price.

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  1. I have never seen anything like this either. I'm amazed that you figured out what it was. I hope you get your asking price.♥

  2. I would never have know what that was, good eye! Hope you get asking price!