Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Final Dec 31 - Jan 6

Sales picked up some this week. I sold 9 items. 2 were auctions and the rest were in my store. I had one return. The buyer said the singing Elvis Bear did not sing. I got it back yesterday, put new batteries in it and it worked fine. I relisted it in my store and refunded the buyer. She has not cancelled the sale yet so I could get my fees refunded nor did she leave feedback.


This item had only one bid. I sold it once before but the buyer never paid. It is going to Canada.


This next item had two bidders. I had it in my store at one time and it sold for more than my BIN price. I really did not expect it to sell as it is a Christmas item.



I had purchased some vintage ceramic tree bulbs and decided to sell the extra ones I didn't need. I separated them into 3 lots of 18 bulbs. Each lot sold to a different buyer yesterday and this morning.

$3.99 x 3 = $11.97

These came from the garage sale my husband went to this summer. He bought two tables of toys for $5


I had these owls listed cheaply just because I wanted to get rid of them.



DH picked this doll up at an auction. I thought it was worth some money but complete listings were not good. I accepted an offer from a buyer in Germany. I'm not sure if I would have gotten more money if I had waited longer.



I would have never bought the next item but I saw Jessica had sold a similar one on We Sell On Ebay I believe this sold within one week of listing.

$22.39 - $6.65 = $15.74

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