Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

There is a thrift store 4 houses down from me. Since we moved, I've only been in there twice. Their prices are ok but nothing is consistent. They have a rule: no price tag, no sale. There was a Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament I kind of wanted and of course there was no price tag. Since it was the lunch hour, there was only one person working and I heard her tell another customer that she did not do pricing. Not sure if he got the cd he wanted to buy or not cause I moved to the back of the store when he started being rude.

The first time I was there, I got these two Princess Lamps for $2.49 each. I sold them on Facebook that same day for $8 each. I would have listed them on Ebay but both had some sort of small damage. (one was missing the trim and the other the shade had crack lines in)

Today, I walked over there and got some children's books. They had so many and the prices ranged from .39 cents to .99 cents. That is the cheapest I have ever seen books at any thrift store. Had I known they were having a 30% off books, dvds and cds, I would have bought more. I found a Pound Purrries puppet. I tried seeing what the puppets were going for, but could not find any listed on Ebay.

I also found a sealed package of Polaroid film. I'm not sure if it will sell because it expired in 1979. The Spongebob is for Ryker.

I spent a total of $7.23 which I paid for in quarters.


  1. Good finds! I have a shop just down the street as well, but its awsome, and I have to talk myself out of visiting every day!

  2. I've read that polaroid film does REALLY well, actually!