Monday, November 5, 2012

October Sales

October was pretty slow in Ebay land. I had a total of 51 sales. Since I was moving, I was grateful for this little break but now I need things to pick up.

Some of my highs:

Alf doll for $59.95 plus shipping This went to Canada

Breyer Phantasma Horse $64.99 with free shipping

Enesco Owl Creamer set $55 free shipping

Barbie Polaroid Camera $31.99 plus shipping

and my lows:

Engine, Engine Number 9 book $4.99 with free shipping

Little Einsteins Plush Rocket $9.95 with free shipping

VTG Pencil erasers $9.99 with free shipping

Peek a Blocks Wagon Replacement Divider $9.99 with free shipping (This alone paid for the wagon I am trying to sell on Facebook)

Since we moved into a bigger house, I have my own room for my Ebay hoard. I really need to organize it better because a lot of the time, I end up searching two bins to find something that sold. Also there are no outlets so my computer and printer are down stairs.


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1 comment:

  1. Congrats on getting your own room! And that's a great Alf sale. I've sold several, but never for that much. Was that a talking one?