Monday, May 20, 2013

A Clown Car and A Vintage Coffee Table

I saw this awesome coffee table on Friday but I did not have enough money to purchase it. I sold some items on FB this pass weekend and I called my sister up asking if she thought a coffee table would fit in her trunk if she pulled the seats down. A few years ago I had bought a coffee table and it fit in the trunk of my Saturn so I was thinking this one would fit in hers. She thought that it might.

So today we went to go get it. It was still there and I asked her again if she thought it would fit. She wasn't sure but since this one guy was eying it up, I quickly grabbed it figuring we could make it work.

Apparently, my sister owns a clown car. The table would not fit in the trunk. She tried putting it in the back seat. No luck. I told her lets try to put it on an angle. We managed to squeeze it in.

1 comment:

  1. Oh...fantastic. I would have held it in my lap if it would have helped get it in the car.
    Great job. Super duper table
    I have a history of getting things into vehicles when somebody says..."it's not gonna fit"
    I love winning!!!!