Thursday, May 2, 2013


I found two items in the last two days that I am keeping for myself. The first is a pair of All Star Converse sneakers that happened to be my size. Good thing I got to them before my sister did. I normally try not to buy used shoes for myself but these looked like they were hardly worn. Plus they were only $5.99 which is a bargain for Goodwill.

My sister found this cool cigar purse. I really liked it until I saw the price tag. I had to leave it there. Last night, I sold one of my Lia Sophia bracelets on Facebook so I could buy the purse today.

I had a pretty good feeling the purse would still be there. It was. It isn't vintage but a cheap Chinese knock off but I love it anyways. The only problem is you can not put a wallet inside unless you remove the cases for the cell phone, lipstick and sunglasses. (They have velcro holding them in place)

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