Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bargain Bags

The thrift store by my house puts all their smalls into bargain bags. This can include dolls, cars, crayons, fast food toys, and other things. The prices range from .49 cents to $1.99. Sometimes you get lucky and find a few good things in each bag but most of the time, you only find one thing and end up redonating the rest.

This is what I found today. I didn't look up anything and granted they are not big money makers but since I have free listings, I might as well use them to get people into my store.

I found this Kenner Shimmers doll on Monday along with the Hasbro battling troll in one bargain bag.

This obviously wasn't in a bargain bag but it was a good price.


  1. Great finds! I sell a lot of miniatures. You would be surprised how well you can do with them. Many sellers would pass them by in a thrift store, but there is money to be made there. One tip I can offer is that when you list them, you put cake topper somewhere in the title.

    1. Great tip on putting cake topper in the title. I forget to do that sometimes. I agree the little things are great to sell. You can pick them up super cheap, easy to list store and ship too!