Monday, October 21, 2013

Da Bulls

Back in the early 90's I was obsessed with the Chicago Bulls. Who could forget the final 3 seconds of Game 6 (1993) when John Paxson scored a 3 pointer winning the game and giving the Bulls their first three peat? Who else was sad when Jordan announced his retirement in the fall of that year. Pippen, Grant and Armstrong all held their own but the Bulls were not the same without Jordan. Then in March of 95, Jordan came out of retirement. Shortly after, the controversial Dennis Rodman was added to the line up and in 1995-1998, they had their second three peat.

Ok so what does the Bulls have to do with my blog or even Ebay? Well back in those days, I coveted a Chicago Bulls Starter jacket. I wanted one so bad for Christmas but it was never meant to be. Eventually, I stopped watching the Bulls and the jacket became a distant memory until Thursday. Hanging on the rack with other donated jackets, was the Chicago bulls Starter jacket I so desperately wanted back in the 90's. I looked at the tag. $19.99 A little pricey considering all the other jackets surrounding it were priced between $3.99 to $9.99. The store is having a half off sale this Thursday and for a minute, I thought I would wait to buy it. Did I really want to take the chance of it still being there?

I knew I could at least double my money so I bought it. I was a little shocked to see I could more than double my money as some of these jackets sold between $50 - $100 If  mine doesn't sell before Christmas, I'm going to keep it. Hopefully it will fit a little better then.

To view my Chicago Bulls Jacket click here.


  1. I was surprised when I was doing some research on reselling on how much Starter jackets sold for. You weren't cool in school unless you had a Starter jacket (but just for a year.or two).

  2. That's a win win. Score if it sells and score if you keep it:)

  3. Wow I remember how popular these were back when I was in school. Good luck!

  4. Just found your blog a couple of weeks seeing your deals! ~~Pam