Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

This past summer the thrift store had this sleek looking stereo/cd player they were using in the store. I wanted to purchase it but unfortunately, it wasn't for sale at the time. Fast forward a few months and they put the stereo for sale. It fits nicely in my record stand but you have to pull it out if you want to listen to a cd as the top opens for cd use.

I also found another Chicago Bulls jacket. This one was priced higher than the last one but I managed to find some discoloration on the white part of the sleeves that they missed and I got it for $10 less than the asking price. I was going to keep it for myself but I didn't like how it fit on me. You can see it here in my store.

My husband asked me why on earth I purchased these vintage socks. Well, because there is a market for them on Ebay. Check them out.

If tube socks are not your thing, how about some vintage leg warmers? Jane Fonda rocked them and you can too.

I also found some pretty cool nut crackers. They are made in China but still make a decent display.


  1. Tube socks and leg warmers! Bwaa ha haha!!!! OMG how I remember those!

  2. I just had a great sale on a nutcracker so I'm a believer!