Monday, November 4, 2013

What $5 Bought

I walked over to the thrift store today and found this:

I looked at the price tag $4.49 for all 5 pieces. What a steal. I then thought about the nightmare this would present for shipping. How on earth could one ship this to arrive safely? I almost put it back. But who can resist such cute containers? The only flaw is the chip on the front of the salt shaker.

I have no idea how much a set like this will sell for. Listings were all over the place. I decided to price it high with best offer and see if I get any response.

You can see my listing here


  1. Oh my goodness! That is the most cutest canister set I've ever seen! Your walk to the thrift store will pay off I'm sure! ~~Pam

  2. I have this set in red! I added to it as I found pieces from a green set.
    It does chip easily so I have it displayed high above the room on top of a built in cupboard.
    Hmm, do I also need brown?