Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Thrifty Finds

It's been pretty cold here this week so I haven't ventured out until today. I found a few things for resale and some things to keep.

The steam buddy I am keeping and I can always use hangers. The barrel of monkeys and the toy vise grip is for Ryker. The rest I am putting on Ebay.

I couldn't resist the frog from Bugs Bunny. This one is a plush and doesn't sing. The Roger Rabbit is a window cling toy.

I always pick up the puffalumps from Fisher Price. The pots and pans are also from Fisher Price and I have to check to make sure they are not the recalled ones. Since it is missing the lid, spoon and blocks, I'll probably just piece it out for replacements.

I haven't checked out this Little Tikes toy and I'm not even sure what it is called. You push the blocks through their holes and the lights in the back light up and music plays.

I said I wasn't going to pick up any more coffee mugs, but I couldn't resist this Pilsbury Dough Boy one.

I will be listing these items later tonight in my Ebay store. If you are interested in anything, shoot me a message.

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  1. I am also on a MUG restriction. Mugs are taking over my kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and pantry. I cant help it. They are so fun to buy and sell!