Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Auctions

I decided to clear out my old inventory so I listed 200 auctions. They ended yesterday. Most of my auctions ended at the starting bid of $2. I had 34 items sell for a total of $137.49 before fees. I made a few dollars on shipping but honestly, this was too much work for too little profit. Most of the items I shipped in a poly mailer and went First Class.

These were my highest ending auctions.

Coach Raina shoes starting bid $9.99 ending bid $20

Giani handbag $9.99

VTG Lipstick holder Starting bid $2 ended $9.50

Cabbage Patch Kids shoes Starting bid $2 ended $5.76 Buyer has not paid yet

Cabbage Patch Kids shoes Starting bid $2 ended $3.50

I had one buyer bid on 12 of my auctions. All those ended at $2 They were mostly Dream Pets.

The rest of the auctions ended at $2 to $2.50 Did I mention I hate running auctions. better luck next time

If you want to check out my new auctions, click here.


  1. Yeah I always start auctions higher so I'm happy w whatever I get I'm running 40 right now. I seldom do them either :(

  2. I have come to dislike auctions also. Only once in a while are they worth it. I recently sold CPK shoes too. I had no idea people even cared about those dolls anymore.