Thursday, January 23, 2014

Slow Sales Retail Therapy

I have been pretty bummed out about my slow sales on Ebay this month. In the pass 7 days, I have only sold 3 things. I looked at last year and right now I made half of what I did last January. Of course, when you call Ebay they say it's that time of year when everyone is slow and buyers are not spending. Oh really? Then how come every time I go to my Facebook Ebay group, there are sellers saying how much they sold over the weekend. And yes, I sell similar things and I price competitively.

Anyways, here is what I found today. The Spongebobs and the stroller are for Ryker.

I can't seem to stop buying Fieval. I think I have 3 or 4 of him. He will not sell for me no matter what I have him priced at. I also offer free shipping. The Lolly doll was dirty so right now she is taking a spin in my washer. I really hope I don't destroy her.

I found this really weird duck. It has springs in the middle and bounces. Unfortunately, I did not notice the hole in the back of his head so I may have to try to mend that.

I also don't have much luck selling Folkmanis puppets but I had to get this cow.

The Popple is drier fried. I hate when people do that.

Little Orphan Annie

I didn't notice the collar on this Strawberry Shortcake lamb had stickers on it. I'll have to remove them and retake the photos. I hate taking photos. They never look good enough.

I have never seen this dog before and the tag says Pillow Pets. He is by Dakin.

The gloworm is missing his light. I'm not sure if he will sell or not. Fingers crossed that he will.

I got the free listings promo for tomorrow, so I will be listing these in my store. If you are interested in anything you see, shoot me a message.


  1. Sorry to hear your sales have been slow. Mine have been slow the last couple of weeks too. I'm hoping for a turnaround soon.

  2. I'm slow on etsy too.Might give ebay another try in the spring