Thursday, June 26, 2014

Share A Coke

Have you seen these yet? Coke bottle with your name on it. Genius marketing ploy. I found 3 of my son's names. I doubt there will be a Ryker.

Although I go by Becky or Rebecca, Becca is the only one I could find.

I also found my twin sister's name and this is how she spells it.

I couldn't find my husbands name: Bill and my second son William goes by the name Will.

The clerk at the Walgreens told me they were releasing 300 names at a time. I must have looked pretty silly trying to find my families names. It would have been cooler if the bottles were glass instead of plastic though.


  1. Well that explains why my Diet Coke had the name Jennifer on it the other day! I didn't care about the name, was just looking for the caffeine boost... lol

  2. That's neat. We don't have them in our area yet. My daughters name is Sara, she says that everyone who spells it Sarah is "wrong" LOL. Wonder if they would sell on ebay? Maybe some of the hard to find names?

  3. Pretty cool. Now all you need is some crafty person to figure out something you make out of it an put it on Pinterest. :-)