Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thrifty Finds

I didn't find anything too exciting this week. I think my best purchase was this Leapster 2 for $1.49. It doesn't have any games but Robbie is keeping it. He freaked all out when I took a picture because he thought I was going to sell it. I also got him a Barbie computer. He had a choice between a yellow and orange vtech and the Barbie and he choose the Barbie. Silly boy.

I also purchased this air cleaner for our house and this clothes rack for my Ebay stuff. Unfortunately, the rack is only good for lightweight items so I will be reselling it on Facebook.

I found a Medela In Style Double Breast pump. When I opened the bag, it had parts and the instructions for the Medela Symphony pump and I was hoping to find that one at the thrift but no such luck. I listed the additional parts separately.

Ryker walked away with Art from Monster's University. He says different phrases and Ryker has been walking around saying "I can't go back to jail"

Not sure if this will be a good seller but I sold a similar one a few years back. The work out vhs tape hasn't even been opened.

I'm still trying to figure out what school this letter is from. I'm pretty sure it is Tigerton but not 100%. It is gold and purple and the medal in the middle says Central Wisconsin Conference. 1986 is on the back.

I've always liked these dog letter holders

The t.s tends to throw random toys into bags and I found this Handy Manny workshop set. It is missing some pieces though and came with some random parts.

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