Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thrift Store Wish List Find and More

I have been wanting a vintage rolling kitchen cart for some time. I saw one on a Facebook Estate sale page but could not make it to the sale. Well, today, I found the cart at the thrift store. I was talking to the cashier and she said they received a huge estate and were putting out the large items today and would finish the rest on Thursday. I plan on going back tomorrow in case they put more stuff out because there were other items I wanted from that estate.

I have the cake plate listed on Ebay.

I also found a Harley Davidson racing jacket. Looks like I need to retake the photo. I haven't listed it yet because I do not know if it is a man's or woman's. It fits me but I'm a little chubby.

and of course, some plush:

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  1. Great rolling cart! It's in such nice condition! I'm surprised nobody bought it at the estate sale. My hubby found a perfect little vintage metal typing table with wheels and flip up sides in white at the GW store. It was a ridiculous price of like $3.99. He cleaned it and it looks brand new. He's using it for his laptop in his office. It's perfect! Thrift stores are so great. You never know what you're going to find.

  2. What luck finding the exact cart at the store! The cake plate is really cute too.