Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Caboodles and Containers

I can't seem to stop buying these useful pieces of plastic. I think I have only sold two or three in all my years of reselling. They sit forever and yet I can not pass them up. On Monday, my sister and I went to the thrift store downtown and there on the shelf was a purple and green one. It was packed with beads and some sewing notions. Since I'm not a crafter, I sold the beads on Facebook for $5

I also found some vintage plastic kitchen containers. They are actually a mint green but for some reason, the photos turned out blue.

You can find both of these items in my Ebay store here


  1. I also always buy Caboodles when I see them. They are nostalgic for me as they came out when I was a teen. They do tend to sit for awhile, but eventually they all sell. Just wish they didn't take up so much room.

  2. i olmost never find caboodles. i have found 3 in all my reselling time. ( all this year) 2 sold this maybe there is an upward trend in caboodle sales?