Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sold This... Bought That

I sold this coffee table last night on craigslist. I don't think the buyer was too familiar with my city because I live on a one way street and when he left, he went the wrong way.

I went to the thrift store that was closing and didn't find anything I wanted. They had a couple of first edition Little Golden books but they were in too bad of shape. We then stopped at St Vinnies and I got this (plus I have some money left over)

The books, garbage can and shoes, I'm keeping. I have big feet and hardly ever find any shoes in my size. I know, I should buy new (my kids get new shoes)

Books for Ryker

and coffee mugs. I swore off buying them but I have a hard time leaving them behind. Except for the owl mug, these were brand new.

I love the Mona Lisa with a beard and mustache

I will be posting the mugs in my ebay store later today. Check out my other mugs here


  1. Okay, so what size shoe do you wear? I'm an 11. :)

    1. I am also an 11. I usually only see 8's or 9's at the thrift stores

    2. Yeah, it's more difficult to find. I always get excited when I see a cool shoe that looks pretty big, but then disappointed as it's usually a 10! LOL