Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Big Red Dot

I got my second negative today. My last one was 3 years ago so I have been pretty lucky. It was for this brand new pair of  LUK EES slippers.

These were purchased almost a month ago. Instead of messaging me and asking what I could do for her, she left a big fat negative with this comment: "had them for a week and the back on both slippers riped out... sew them up riped." First of all, it's ripped. I really wish people would learn to spell.

Does this buyer think I have a sweat shop in my basement that I'm making these slippers in? How is it my fault her big fat feet ripped them out? Was she wearing them outside? They are clearly for inside use only.

I called Ebay and the first rep I talked to said the feedback was in a gray area because how was I to know they would rip out in a week? They arrived in new condition and on time. He transferred me to another department where I was told to work it out with the buyer.

Had she messaged me before leaving a negative feedback, I would have refunded her money. But waiting almost a month to complain through feedback, yeah I'm not working with you.

Ebay should make it mandatory that you communicate with the seller before being able to leave a negative. It isn't fair to have to work out the problem once the damage to your account has already been made. I replied to the feedback and that is all I'm going to do for this buyer. Hopefully, my response will encourage future buyers to communicate with me first as I'm a honest seller and am willing to help if I can.


  1. Well that just stinks. I agree that buyers should have to communicate with the seller before leaving a neg. Just got the spring seller update. Nothing really new there as far as protecting sellers against bad buyers. I guess we have to continue living (selling) on the edge. :-(

  2. Really unfair. Actually, I have worn those type boots outdoors and they will hold up for awhile. I had to for awhile last yr. b/c I had a terrible blister on my foot and it was too cold for flip-flops! I have learned to just refund people, too, but if they don't even contact you, that just blows that! Sorry, Beck. Doubt it'll hurt you much. It did me b/c I caught a bunch of INAD defects in the beginning before they changed the msg. system. Hiope to get my TRS back in a couple of months when a couple of those drop off.

  3. Its the price of doing business on the internet. Sucks, I know, but don't let it get you down.

  4. How long does ebay really expect buyer protection to last? For the life of a product? Buyers now want perfect, top of the line merchandise for cheap and if it breaks it is never their fault, it is the seller. ((Maybe you should just shut down that sweat shop in the basement!!!)) I know its the cost of doing business, but that doesn't mean we have to like it. But it is best to just move on. Karma will get you in the end.