Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thrifty Finds

I debated back and forth about getting this dresser at the thrift store. I saw it first on Tuesday but didn't have enough money to purchase it. Wednesday, I went to Parents At School so I didn't have a chance to drop in. I walked over there this morning and it was still there. I looked at it again. It is solid wood and although it has been painted, they didn't do too bad of a job. Still, I left it there.

I went over to the grocery store to take out the cash I needed. I went back to the thrift store and looked at it again. Again, I left it there.

I walked over to another thrift store and even though I wasn't really looking at the coffee cups (I have sworn off buying them) I spotted this one behind a couple of mugs. I may keep it for myself since the price has dropped so dramatically on Ebay.

I went back home and called my sister. One of the reasons I was so hesitant on buying the dresser, is because I did not have a way to get it home. I asked my sister if she could meet me there tomorrow if I bought the dresser today. She agreed and I finally went to purchase it.

When I arrived at the thrift store, a lady I knew from the Facebook garage sale pages was getting out of her minivan. I approached her sheepishly and asked if she could help me out by delivering the dresser to my house. She said she could help. My sister lives in another town so this helped a lot. I offered to pay her some cash but she turned it down. There truly are some good people here.

On Thursday, the t.s. has a dice game where you roll a die and a certain number equals a percentage off. A roll of 6 will get you 30% off. I picked up the die and wouldn't you know, I rolled a 6! Now I have to figure out what to do with the dresser. My son needs a better one so I might give it to him. For now, it is sitting in my kitchen pantry.

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