Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sold This... Bought That

I sold this shelf on FB today. I was surprised on the number of people who wanted to purchase it. If I find more at the thrift store, I will be buying them to flip.

Last week, I dropped some items off at the thrift store. When I was in the back room, I noticed a Tupperware shape sorter and a Little Tikes Noah's ark. I should have asked if I could buy them. I walked over there today hoping they put those items out. I did find the sorter but no boat.

I'm using the wire shelf for my shoes by the front door and the bristle blocks are for Ryker.

I don't know if the doll case is vintage or who it was made by. I'm selling it in my Ebay store along with the shape sorter. To see my items, click here


  1. You call them bristle blocks we call them stickle bricks ..the variations in the same language never stop amusing me

  2. I bought a bunch of those wire shelving units and put them in our two walk in closets. We put folded clothes on them and they're low enough for hanging shirts on the rod above. They're very handy! I paid $20 for each of them at Home Depot.

  3. I remember having one of those tupperware shape sorters when my brother and I were little :)

  4. That shape sorter was one of my boys' most favorite toys when they were little. Brings back memories!