Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Treasure Sale Finds

St Matthews Church had their annual treasure sale this past weekend. I only went on Saturday. Since I had Robbie with, I didn't get much. It was hard to dig when he kept wandering off.

The videos are for Ryker and since I did not notice Pink Panther was damaged, my sister is going to buy him. She found the Jellycat alligator.

I debated about keeping the deer. However, I listed them on ebay.

The John Lennon elephant was dirty so I didn't list him yet. Same with the Gund yellow musical bear. But I did list the other two musical toys.

I found two Harry Potter items. They had a Golden Snitch lamp but one of the wings was broken and I want to say it was missing the bulb. It's a shame because they seem to sell high on ebay.

Most of their older "antique" items were priced high. I did get these two squeak toys though. Some of these toys can sell for a lot on Ebay. The bear one does not squeak but the mouse does.

I sold one of these shape sorters awhile back. The handle on this one is broken but I would think one could superglue it back together.

and Baby's First Bear

I wish I would have gone back on Sunday as they had boxes of plush under the sell tables. They were huge boxes and I didn't know if they would allow me to dig through them. I think I will ask next year.

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