Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sold It Saturday

Today is Sold it Saturday. I will post two items that sold this week. The first will be the lowest plus shipping. The second will be the highest plus shipping. Feel free to comment what you sold this week.

Vintage gum parker cat $13.99 free shipping

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Polly Pocket $34.99 plus shipping

What did you sell this week? Feel free to leave a comment


  1. My lowest price item was a Patterson Kincaid shirt for $15. My highest was a J Crew cashmere sweater for $49.95. Tonight is a bit strange in that several items I have had listed forever all sold within minutes to different buyers. Glad to finally sell them!

  2. I remember selling one of those gum parkers a few years back. And I didn't know Polly Pocket was still popular. Amazing!