Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thrifty Finds Thursday

I'm revamping my blog and hopefully my readers will participate. Each day I will have a different theme. These themes will be weekly. I will try to blog everyday. Stay tuned for each day's theme.

Today is Thrifty Finds Thursday. Each Thursday I will post some items I found at the thrift store. Feel free to tell us what you found in the comments.

Fisher Price Happy Hoppers and Pyrex

I almost didn't see the hopper because it was behind a chair. Apparently, the owner Lily loved it so much she wrote her name all over it. I managed to remove the black marker with a magic eraser but the yellow mark stayed. It's written in the clear plastic on the front.

Find anything good at the thrifts lately? Please share in the comments.


  1. Nice finds! Today I found a vintage Miller's sweater and cute vintage pumpkin nesting boxes. Trying to do a lot more listing than thrifting because I look like a hoarder!!

  2. some nice tartan wool car blankets, now airing on the line