Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Would You Buy It Wednesday

I'm revamping my blog and hopefully my readers will participate. Each day I will have a different theme. These themes will be weekly. I will try to blog every day. Stay tuned for each day's theme.

Today is Would You Buy It Wednesday. I will post an item I either saw or bought from the thrift store. Let me know if you would have bought it or left it there.

Today's item is this funky plastic lamp I bought. It was about 4 times the price of other lamps in the thrift store but I had to have it. Sometimes you want things that don't make sense but that's the fun of thrifting.

Would you have bought it or left it there? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. It's a really neat and unique lamp! I don't know if I would have bought it or not but it is definitely neat! Are you keeping it or selling it? ~~Pam

  2. I might have purchased it. We are decorating, and I could probably find a way to use this. If it were in good shape, sure, why not?!! But, $8 - $10 is about my usual limit on lamps. It would have to pretty special to go above that!

    1. I figure that I get good bargains almost all the time so every once in awhile, I can splurge. It was $21.99 but don't tell my husband lol

  3. I probably would have left it there for someone else. Just not my taste at all. But I'm glad you found an item that makes you happy! Shouldn't have to sell every treasure we find, right??