Saturday, March 25, 2017

Don't Be A Jerk

I volunteer at a local thrift store a few hours each week. It's a pretty fun job but sometimes it can get unpleasant. Please remember these few thing when donating or shopping at a thrift store. This is my personal opinion and may not reflect the opinion of the thrift store I volunteer at.


Please do not donate broken items. We do not have anyone to make repairs plus we do not sell things for parts as these may take up room and sit for quite some time.

Please do not donate items with missing pieces. Again, we can not use these items and they will get thrown out.

Please do not donate breakable items with chips. This poses a safety hazard to workers and shoppers alike. Even if you think someone might buy it, it will end up in the trash. Some exceptions are nick knacks but dishes and glasses will be tossed. Either give it to someone you know who would still like it or throw it away yourself. Trash removal costs the store money and this gets reflected in the cost of items being sold.

Unless you know your thrift store accepts torn or stained clothing (to use as rags), please throw them away.

We can not sell toys with missing battery covers, again safety issue, so please toss those as well.

Please clean items before donating. We do not have a washing machine to clean your sheets, blankets, clothing, stuffed animals etc. We do wipe down some items, such as toys, but do not have the time to deep scrub them.

Please be sure what you donate is not your trash. Sometimes you might get confused if you use the black garbage bags for your donations and your trash so please double check your bags. This happens more than you think. 

Please do not remove items from the dumpster. This can cause a safety issue as there might be broken glass inside. Also, the dumpster is on private property and you are stealing. 


Please be considerate of other people around you.

Please ask before you remove items from the stock cart.

If a worker is holding something in their hand, please do not grab it from them unless you ask.

Please do not ask a worker to lower the price of an item. We do not establish the price. You may want to ask the store manager but unless your store specifically says make offer, you might be turned down.

Please do not open the clam shell packaging on new items. You would not do this at Walmart so please do not do that here.

If you open a box to see or verify what is inside, please be sure to close the box and make sure everything you took out is put back in.

Please return your unwanted items to the spot you originally found them in.

Please do not leave your children unattended in the toy aisle. If you feel they can be safely left there, please clean up the aisle before you leave. Toys scattered across the floor causes safety issues for other shoppers and workers alike.

Be sure to know your store policy on paying for your items. Some thrifts accept only cash while others also accept credit cards or checks. The one I volunteer at does not accept checks. We do have a credit machine while others may not.

Thank you for taking the time to read this . Again, this is only my opinion and may not reflect the opinion of the thrift store I volunteer at.

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  1. In other words: Don't be a d*ck!

    We were visiting 600 miles away from home and visited a thrift store I used to visit over 12 years ago on a regular basis. It was crappy — broken items, boxes were opened and the contents strewn about, kids played noisily with cars that were for sale in the aisle while mom shopped next to them, and saw-dust (particle board) furniture had obvious damage. Yuck! I did find my second Perwacky game within a week, though, and purchased it because I needed an undamaged 3-minute sand timer. I see better stuff in the more-economically depressed area where I live now than I did "back home". There are better ways to run a thrift store.