Monday, March 6, 2017

What's That Smell?

The people who go through the donations at the thrift store I volunteer at are called grubbers. They sort the donations and put them in the proper bins to be priced.

Today, I was was pricing kitchen wares and a grubber drops a big box on my table. She knows I also price toys and she says there are a bunch of toys in here if you want to go through it. She then states something in the box stinks and she will throw it all out. I said let me look first because I saw some Lalaloopsy dolls and MLPs

I come across one of those plastic sandwich containers and for some dumb reason, I opened it up. That was the source of the smell. Someone donated a moldy sandwich!

I did find a Charlie Mccarthy doll and another Big Hug Mug though.


  1. It would be so difficult for me to work in a thrift store. I don't think I could contain myself if I found something I had to have, and I think that would happen frequently.

    Isn't that odd about someone's moldy sandwich. I'm sure there have been other incidents of stinkiness, and I would certainly not want to run into that!