Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Managed Payments Part 2

Tell me again what the advantages are of managed payments to sellers? Waiting two days for ebay to payout? They expect us to ship in 24 hours. Why can't they payout within that time? I sold something on Wednesday for 40 something. I got the email yesterday about them sending my payout. But get this, since I had 2 more sales within that time and used pending payments to pay for my shipping label, they took all the shipping money out of that 40 and left me with 13. What the actual fuck? And I'm still waiting for those payouts.


  1. I'm supposed to go live on managed payments in a couple of weeks...now I'm even more anxious about it! So sorry! What a pain.

    1. Once ebay gets around to paying you out, it's fairly fast at least for my bank. I don't understand in a day of instant transfers, why it takes ebay two business days to pay out. What's the hold up? They expect us to ship in 24 hours. Why can't they pay out in that time frame? It's ridiculous that my customers get their item before I even get paid.