Saturday, September 5, 2020

Managed Payments

 August 25, I started managed payments on ebay. I held out as long as I could but was basically forced into it if I wanted to continue selling on ebay. I have gotten six sales so far through managed payments. However, I have only been paid out for three of those sales.

The only benefit I feel of using MP  is your final value fees get taken out of each sale so you will not get a huge bill each month. I didn't transfer money out of my PayPal into my checking account before s having my money in my checking does not benefit me. In fact, I had to open a new account to keep my eBay money separate. I can see the benefit to the buyer as having other ways to pay but again, I have PayPal so that does not benefit me. 

I do not like waiting on my money. For example, I sold items on a Friday and Saturday. Ebay waited until Tuesday to pay out my money and it did not get to my bank until Wednesday. An item that sold on a Monday wasn't paid out until Wednesday and was in my bank on Thursday.  I sold something this past Thursday and have no idea when eBay will send out that payment since Monday is a holiday. I'm not sure why ebay can't process these payments the same day if they are before the close of the banks or the next day. At least with PayPal, you got your money the same time the buyer paid.

How do you like managed payments? What has been your experience so far?

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