Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lamp Rewire

On Tuesday I went over to the consignment shop to see if there was anything new. I found this cute Cinderella carriage candle holder. It did not come with the candle. I found that at GW this morning.

While I was there, I spotted an antique floor lamp. Since I was walking, I could not buy it. Yesterday, I had DH take me over there and purchased it for $15. I asked the lady if it worked. She said we can try it out. She plugged it in and there was light.

When we got home, DH said we could not use it as it was. I asked why and he said I would burn down the house with it. He took it apart and showed me the wire. It was covered in cloth. Although the previous owner had replaced the plug in part, he did not rewire the entire lamp and the inside still had the original wiring. Here is a picture of the original bulb that was inside. These bulbs were produced in the 40's and 50's. It is huge!

Hubby went to Menards and got some new wiring and socket. It is now safe to use. (Can you imagine if the lamp had caught on fire at the consignment shop? I'm suprised they would sell something that unsafe.)

The base has a marble top and I found it odd that it was filled with cement. This makes it quite heavy but also prevents Ryker from knocking it over.

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  1. I love that carriage! Congrats on your great finds and especially congrats on having such a handy Hubby.