Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WTF Tuesday: Show Me Your Bling

This squirrel still had the gift tag attached. It was never used. I wonder why???

squirrel made out of gold sequins

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  1. Super weird! I would've done the same thing!

  2. Hopefully you bought the fisher price tape player behind it, that's an easy $20!

  3. I kinda like it...lol..Might be cute in a mix with other fall items, to tone down the bling.

  4. You should have bought this!

    It kinda looks like it could be a Lindt bunny.. you know how you spend like $6.99 on it & then there's like 4 wrapped candies inside, but you can buy 3 wrapped candies for like $1.79?

    Not saying it's a bunny.. was just saying.