Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Would You Buy it Wednesday: VTG Suitcases

I bought these suitcases to sell in my store. I cleaned them, aired them out, took pictures, edited the pictures but never got around to listing them. The longer I keep them, the more I fall in love with them. I paid $1 a piece so if I keep them, I am not out alot of money.

Inside the smaller one is a cute little mirror. And it is not cloudy!

Here they are on my side table next to my futon in my living room.

Would you have bought them? I picked up the table cloth at the same store but on a different day. I also got a vanity stool, a recipe box and a cash register for Ryker.

Stool was free Rest was $2.11

The same day I got the suitcases, I found some more owls at another thrift store. They are for sale on EBay.

The owls on the right are night lights. They did not come with their lights but I found one at Goodwill and the other at my favorite thrift.

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  1. Owls are so popular now. Is it October and Halloween or something else. Nice suitcase finds, great storage too.
    - Joy

  2. I am hoping to post my find of owls on Junker Newbie tomorrow, funny how all of a sudden I'm seeing owls everywhere! I still have one detail to finish before posting, let's see if I follow through for once. I have suitcases piled up in my dining room with placemats in them, they are so handy to have around.

  3. The suitcases I am giddy over! I won't reveal how many vintage suitcases I own.LOL I store various collections in them and stack them.
    Those you bought for $1.00 ( and that was a steal) appear to be in very good condition. Also I don't think it matters much if they do not have keys. (I've only came across two cases with keys). I never use the keys. If you do a search on you'll see vintage suitcase are priced nicely on there. I save a lot as favorites and they do sale. I've not did much searching for them on ebay though. But I do have blogging friends who collect them. But they buy from estate or yardsales.

  4. I DEFINITLY WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THOSE SUIT CASES!!! for sure!!! They are fab!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. Oh gosh, I'm s sucker for suitcases too. Those are in great shape. Love the color.
    Stopping by from the junker newbie party.

  6. Those suitcases are gorgeous and an absolute bargain price. I'd keep them but you can probably sell for a stack:)

  7. My mom still uses her 70's green suitcases that look just like those... I used to take them to summer camp!