Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bench Makeover and Free Finds

Remember this bench? The one I was going to redo? I had big plans to paint it white and then make a cushion for it. Well, I discovered I have neither the attention span or patience to do such a thing. Unfortunately I found this out after attempting to sand and paint it. FAIL!! It looked so terrible, I almost cried. (I was too disappointed and embarrassed to take a picture) Luckily my DH took the task on and this is how it turned out. There still isn't a cushion but maybe someday I can attempt that.

Ryker doesn't seem to mind the missing cushion.

At the thrift store I managed to score two free things. I have the delusion of making these two items over. I want to paint the vanity chair black and the cushion needs to be reattached. The chalk board needs a new coat of the chalkboard paint.

The picture in front of the chalkboard is of the City of Milwaukee in 1967. I plan on attaching it to the lamp table magazine rack I blogged about here I paid $1.07 for the picture.

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  1. thank you for stopping over. im sorry to hear about your bench attempt. why do you think the paint didnt turn out right?