Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

My favorite thrift store closed last weekend, (it's actually moving across town but the new location isn't opened yet) so I haven't been able to find great deals but I did pick up a few things at Goodwill.

My first set of Pyrex mixing bowls. It is missing the large 4qt? bowl and is in a color I don't particularly like but the price was right. $1.49 for the small bowl and $1.99 each for the bigger bowls. They also had the snowflake blue on white small bowl but I left it there. (I should have bought it) I also found another owl for $.75 It was a half off color tag.

Some cute Christmas ornaments I found the Thursday before the thrift store closed. Paid $1

More Christmas decorations. I actually sold these cutouts at auction for $10.50 but of course the bidder did not pay.

Some trinket boxes and an owl candle holder. I sold the candle holder for $9.99 The trinket boxes are still available in my store

Some Rudolph coffee mugs that are up for auction in my store

My sister found this owl spoon rest. It has some chips but for $.79 cents, I could not pass it up.

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  1. Love that Pyrex bowl set, it's my favourite pattern!

  2. Great finds. So funny, but I just posted a fraternal twin to your spoon rest last week that I found. I had never seen one before and now there are two. Too fun.

    Karen G

  3. Great Pyrex buys. I have a hard time finding them here for less than $4.99 -- they've picked up on their desirability at the thrift shops. Don't you hate it when eBayers don't pay? I don't sell much in that venue anymore.

  4. i just got that SAME owl spoon rest last week at an estate sale for a buck!!! he lives in front of my coffee pot! how funny!