Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orbitz Soda Imagine That!!!

Last month, Sir Thrift A Lot blogged about how he had found an unopened bottle of Orbitz. Orbitz was a non carbonated fruit drink made by Clearly Canadian. It had small edible floating balls in it. It was introduced around 1997 and was shortly discontinued due to lack of sales. There are no plans to remake this drink and it is hard to come by. 

My sister also read the blog and asked me if they sell on Ebay. I checked Terapeak and at the time, single bottles were selling for around $22 a piece. She told me she had 3 unopened bottles and asked me if I would list them for her. I said yes and we agreed to do a 50/50 split after fees were taken out. I listed the 3 bottles as a lot for $75 obo. I pinned it to my Ebay board and immediately got several repins. One repinner pinned it to A Good Laugh board and wrote "I used to love these and brought them to school in my lunch. Now they are $75 on Ebay. Imagine that!" 

WELL IMAGINE THAT!!! They sold last night for my full asking price of $75 to a new buyer in Virginia. And yes, she already paid.