Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodwill Finds

After our birthday lunch, my sister and I went to Goodwill to see what they had. I came across this LV purse and knew it was most likely a fake but I wanted it anyways. The inside lining needs a good cleaning. I paid more than I would have liked to for a used purse but planned on keeping it. Of course I changed my mind, and since it is most likely a replica, I put it for sale on Facebook.

I also found this cute Alice in Wonderland wallet. If it does not sell on Ebay, I plan on using it as a camera case.

I know Jansport is a good seller for book bags, but I'm not sure how well the messenger bags sell. This one is in really good shape, so I took a chance on it.

I already sold this Blues Clues felt book for $21.99 I originally had it set for auction and got a message from a buyer stating how she wished it was a BIN because she wanted to give it as an Easter gift. I had 3 watchers but was happy to add a BIN and she paid right away. The last one to sell on Ebay sold for $19.99 with free shipping. My shipping wasn't free.

The last thing I bought was this vintage key tree. I love how each hook is labeled with what key should go there. The hooks say: Observation Tower, Model T, Strong Box, Dungeon, Wine Cellar and Treasure Chest.

To see other finds go here:


  1. I Love the Alice in Wonderland case! Saw you on Her Library Adventures. You had an excellent week!

  2. I love the key tree. I want one for my kitchen.

  3. Love that Alice case. :) - Brianne

  4. I wish I could find a key tree like that. I've been needing somewhere to put my dungeon key .... ???