Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pants, Pants, and More Pants

Last weekend I sold this set of dishes. The e check finally cleared today. (I hate e checks! I want my money now, not in 4 days.) Packing these up was not worth the $9.99 they sold for. The buyer paid for shipping. My hubby bought 3 sets of these dishes for $3 and this is the second set I have sold. We are keeping the last set.

and what did I buy with the $9.99? Why these pants of course and a skirt. The title would not have made sense if I had bought something else, right? I got these at the consignment store for $1 each. I am keeping 4 jeans and selling the rest.

This Tommy Hilfiger skirt fits me and if it doesn't sell I will most likely keep it.

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  1. The dishes, I am almost sure they are from a restaurant named "Friendly's". It was my first job and we had those plates. They were heavy, well made plates actually. I LOVED them and once we switched out patterns we were allowed to have them. I took a coffee mug that matches those plates, I still use it, 14 years later! Enjoy!