Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Yesterday, I went to 14 garage sales. I walked to 7 and the other 7, I went with my sister. Here is what I got.

I found those Christmas candles at the first garage sale but since I was walking, I did not get them. I went back later with my sister in her car. They are quite tall, almost as tall as Ryker.

I almost didn't get the vintage Converse either. The seller wanted $5 each. I couldn't remember if it was the All Stars or One Stars that are good money. I walked away and went to some other sales but returned and asked if he would take $7 for both pair. I told him my son loves Converse and would love to have these. (I'm totally selling them on Ebay)

Some pennants I liked. Not sure if they will sell on Ebay or not.

I picked this key chain up at an over priced sale. When I saw it was $2, I sadly put it back. As I was walking down the driveway, I heard it's little voice calling me "you know you want me. Take me home. I'll keep track of your keys." I had found $5 earlier in the store parking lot so I paid the 2 bucks and put him in my purse for later.

I don't know how much these security blankets will fetch on Ebay but they were cheap so I picked them up.

Today, I went to the first ever community garage sale held at the park across from my house. I will show you what I found tomorrow, so be sure to come back and visit.

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  1. i haven't ever done a big yard sale day, i need too! i love those big candles!