Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Record Cabinet

The other day I blogged about the over priced thrift store and the record cabinet for $30. I called yesterday and asked what was the lowest amount they would take. For $25, it was mine. I talked my sister into going there before we went to an estate sale on the other side of town. I'm using it as a printer stand and to hold all my ebay shipping supplies in.

The estate sale we went to was a bust. My sister found a crewel picture and I should have knocked her down in the parking lot and taken it. We decided since we were so close to Goodwill, we would check it out. I found a couple of crib toys but nothing spectacular.

They all play music. I also found a chipmunk hand puppet.


  1. Fantastic find! I love the color!

  2. Can I ask how do you know which kid/baby blankets sell well? as well as the lovies?

  3. LOL, should have knocked her down and taken it.I've felt that way many times when I've gone shopping with a friend.