Monday, April 8, 2013

Collection or Addiction?

Too bad I found the vintage carpet purse I really, really love after buying three other ones. Again, I got this off of Ebay. I paid for it Friday and received it today. Talk about lightning fast service. Guess that makes up for my last purse that wasn't shipped until a week after I paid and only because I message the seller asking where it was. So, I'm sure dear readers you are dying to see what this new purse looks like right?

It is the perfect size for my wallet. The seller described it as either black or navy blue. It is definitely black and I'm not sure why the seller thought it could be navy blue. Here is the feedback I left. "Super fast shipping bought on Friday received on Monday beautiful black bag." She must have her settings set to automatic feedback because I got one of those generic Ebay comments.

If anyone is interested in my other vintage carpet bag purses, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

I do have to tell you, the last one I received had a hole in the inside and I contacted the seller about the issue, and she never responded. I left her a neutral because not only did it have the hole, but when I messaged her about when she shipped it, she lied and said the day before when the label clearly showed it wasn't mailed out until the day after.

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