Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Collection New Obsession

Have you ever found something at the thrift store and for some reason you just got to have it? No matter you don't have room for such item and it's not anything practical and it's out of your price range but you still have that feeling of GOT TO HAVE IT right now?? No, me either...

Last week I was at the thrift store when this display case caught my eye. It was on the shelf with the other vintage high end items so I knew it probably wasn't something within my budget. I walked over anyways to get a closer look. Inside this display case, were 42 souvenir thimbles. Hmmm, I don't really collect anything but this was calling my name. I looked at the price $16.99 That's a little high for something I don't need so I left it there.

The next few times I was in there, it keep calling me BUY ME BUY ME. ( yes, I really need those voices inside my head to shut up) I resisted telling myself I didn't really want it. But, oh yes, I really did.

Today, I gave in and bought the thimble collection. It has three sides and each side holds 20 thimbles. Only two sides were full and the third one had two.

Of course being the compulsive obsessive person I am, I decided to check Ebay to add to my collection. Who knew these little things could be so pricey? Guess I really did get a bargain at about .42 cents a thimble (including the tax)


  1. Haha! so now that you know what they go for you're going to sell them, right? I would...

  2. Neat! I'd like too see where you decide to keep them at!

  3. Score! I love a good thrifted collection, and the fun part is that you can sell them when you want to make room or when you're tired of looking at them.