Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some Christmas Finds

There hasn't been much at the thrift store lately that I have been interested in. In fact, I have not listed anything new on Ebay because I can't find anything decent to sell. I did find a few Christmas decorations for myself.

PEACE stocking holders. This was $5.99 for the whole set. The had JOY which was in better condition but they wanted $2.99 for each letter. Not sure why they priced them that way when peace was one set price.

I'm not sure if this is a gnome or a Santa Claus. It was in with the Christmas decorations. It was more than I normally spend ($5 and that was half off) but he was too cute to pass up. The bottom says Made in Sweden. Maybe that is why it was priced high?

This tiny camel did not have a string for a hook, so I used the price tag string. He was only .80c

I originally bought this star topper for my tree but the cone was too small. I sold it on FB for $3

I ended up going back to the thrift store and getting this angel topper from the 80's for $1.50

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