Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sold This... Bought That

I sold some children's plates on Facebook this past week. Good thing I procrastinated with taking my box to consignment as I would not have gotten that much there.

On Friday, my sister took me over to St. Vincent's. I got this lamp.

I don't really need any more lamps, but I like how it matches my bench.

There was a blue bulb in the lamp and the cashier charged me for the bulb. They were selling other blue bulbs for .25c but all those were marked. I felt like he thought I was trying to steal a bulb. Trust me, if it had a price sticker on it, it would have been near impossible to remove all of it. I had bought 4 additional bulbs and I know.

I also bought a bag of play dough with accessories for Ryker and found 2 Powerpuff Girls cake toppers. I put those on auction here.

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