Monday, September 19, 2011

The $5 Bench and Other Finds

I have been looking for a bench to put under my window and today I found one at my favorite thrift. (I found out last week that the store is moving across town and I will no longer be able to walk there. So sad... Seriously, this may cause me to have a breakdown.)


I plan on painting it white and then adding a cushion.

I also found this sweet little tea set in a basket. It only has a setting for two. (Two for tea and tea for two...come on you know the words. Now that song will stick in your head for the rest of the day. My work here is done.)

I found this odd bear. The tag reads "The Real Hide Bear" 1986 Monarch Toy Co. You can flip his muzzle up and it changes into a smile face. He also has different colors on his feet inside. There is only one listed on Ebay. I plan on listing mine as soon as I do some research on him.

I also got a clock for my living room, a 1984 Place and Trace for resale and a pack of unopened vintage playing cards. I'm not sure if there is a market for playing cards but I like the picture on them.

Robbie also found two pocket games and a camera for himself.

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  1. Love the little tea set, it will make some little girl really happy. I often have tea parties with my red headed girls, they love tea parties!

  2. Good finds. I love the bench. I have been looking for one myself for our garage (where my kids put on their shoes). I really like the teas set and the playing cards too. I should post some of my finds sometime. It doesn't really fit with my blog theme. I find some great stuff though.

  3. I totally understand your "breakdown" comment :) I begin to depend on my routine until it changes, and then I'm jolted into the realization that I don't have control over the world. Thanks.

  4. Great finds. I love the little tea set. Adorable. I'd love it if you would share your finds on my weekly Cast Offs to Cash link up. I learn so much from other resellers and thrifty Mommas!