Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Finds: Owls, A Suitcase and More

On Saturday we got to check out the new Goodwill in Rib Mountain. It was still quite crowded but I did manage to find a few items. They did not have much of a selection for toys but I found a Stitch plush and a Victoria Secret Pink dog. I also found an owl trivet. The Alf puppet was found by my DH at a garage sale he went to earlier.

paid $4.72

On Friday, I found a vintage suitcase along with some more Little Golden books and owls at my favorite thrift store. I just love the gourd with the owl etched into it. It is currently being displayed in my bird cage.

paid $5.28

I am selling the two white owls but am keeping the other two.

I love this little red suitcase and it will be hard to part with once it sells. I'm really hoping the ripped pocket does not deter potential buyers. I thought of fixing it but I have no sewing ability whatsoever.

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  1. The red suitcase is fabulous! I have no sewing skills myself but if I were looking to purchase the suitcase the pocket in need of repair would not deter me. The owls are wonderful. Nice finds.

  2. That red suitcase is awesome!!! Most people display them closed, so I don't think the ripped pocket is a dealbreaker, at all!

    In fact, I would be tempted to just remove the entire piece.

  3. Love the red suit case. The owl on the gourd is so cute. I wouldn't worry to much about ripped pocket, I agree with BeckyKay most people do dispay them closed.